GOT7’s Jackson Wang Goes Viral For How He Treats His Staff


GOT7‘s Jackson Wang is going viral again for all the right reasons.

It seems as if each day is trending or a video has gone viral due to Jackson’s kindness (as it should).

He has become synonymous with the word “gentleman” at this point.

Jackson has always been known to be not only friendly with other idols and celebrities, hence his title of fanfiction’s party thrower. He treats everyone with the utmost respect.

From strangers……to even the paparazzi, Jackson shows only politeness.

No celebrity treats their fans as genuinely and kindly as Jackson does.

Likewise, he has a reputation for his treatment of staff. Again, all good things.

Recently, he was in Thailand for THE MATCH Bangkok Century Cup as part of the Fresh Air Festival at Rajamangala Stadium.

Ahead of this event, Jackson appeared at the Nescafé Gold Crema The Finest Moment launch as the Brand Ambassador.

At the event, it rained heavily. So, he was extra concerned for the staff’s wellbeing and assisted the cameraman, afraid he may slip off the stage.

Jackson was also more concerned for the staff than himself. So, he tried to ensure they were covered from the rain, ignoring his own well-being.

By the end, Jackson was absolutely drenched! Yet, he reassured those in attendance that he was fine, but they should be safe.

The video of Jackson and staff at the Nescafé event is going viral on TikTok with 5.6 million views and 942.2K likes at the time of writing!

The over 7K comments are filled with netizens praising Jackson, calling him “the standard.”

As with any viral TikTok, the video is also making the rounds on Twitter. One Jackson Wang fan account’s repost has been going viral with 27.1K views, and 3.2K likes at the time of writing.