GOT7’s Jackson Wang Shares Life Lessons On Happiness, His Interpretation Of Music, And More


GOT7’s Jackson Wang looks alluring, bold, and enticing in a new pictorial for Singles Magazine!

The artist graced the cover of the August issue with his stunning looks. In the interview that followed, he also shared some insights he gained through self-reflection.

Jackson started off by saying that in the 10 years he has spent in the industry, he has done a lot of contemplating on what to do next and which direction to take. He explained, “What I eventually realized after difficult times is that you can’t have everything, so you just need to do what you want to do. Every choice will of course have its pros and cons, but I’ve realized that if I get even a little bit closer to my goal every day, then that in itself is happiness to me.” Jackson shared that this is the point where he is right now – giving his best at what he desires and finding happiness in the process.

He continued, “Before, I just tried to work hard. Wanting to do a good job always came first. Now, I know that music is also art, and therefore I need to sincerely feel it and understand it. I have to enjoy it, and I have to trust myself.” He added, “When I think back to when I became an artist, I realize that the fact that I love my work and that I don’t think of it as work hasn’t changed.”

GOT7’s Jackson released his digital single “Blow” back in March and unveiled “Cruel” in April at Coachella. His will be greeting fans with a new album soon.