Bang Saen Beach near Pattaya to ban drinking and smoking


Officials in Chon Buri province plan to ban the drinking of alcohol and smoking on Bang Saen Beach so they can develop the stretch as a model tourist attraction.

The Thai Health Promotion Foundation, Saensuk Municipality of Muenf Chon Buri District, and the National Institute of Development Administration yesterday announced the project to upgrade Bang Saen Beach into a tourist destination free from alcohol and tobacco.

The Acting Director of the Thai Health Promotion Foundation, Roong-Aroon Liimhapunt, explained that the project aims to offer tourists a good environment, reduce the risks of passive smoke, and cut out chaos and violence from drunk people.

The Thai Health Promotion Foundation revealed that 8,278 people died from receiving second hand smoke, and 25% of all road accidents are a result of drunk driving.

Rong-Aroon revealed that more than 1,000 students from Burapha University have volunteered to join the venture. They agreed to run a campaign to promote the project and make locals, sellers, and travellers understand the importance of the enterprise and cooperate.

The Permanent Secretary of Pattaya city, Pramoote Tubtim, reported that Bang Sean wanted cooperation from locals and visitors not to bring alcoholic drinks or cigarettes to the area. People who bring alcohol or smoke on the beach would be warned first. If those still fail to follow the rules, they face charges and penalties, to be outlined launched later.

According to the report, restauranteurs and shop owners along the beach agreed to the project even if they had to stop selling alcohol and cigarettes. The report said travellers also agreed with the enterprise, saying they would feel safer and more relaxed if alcohol and tobacco were banned.