Netizens are loving BamBam’s honest charms on ‘Transit Love season 2’

Netizens are loving BamBam’s honest charms on the TVING original dating reality show ‘Transit Love season 2’.

On July 20, one netizen created a post on an online community forum titled, “A male idol who just casually speaks the truth on ‘Transit Love’.” Here, the netizen included screenshots from the ongoing broadcast of ‘Transit Love season 2’, showing emotional scenes of past lovers reminiscing about their good days. ‘Transit Love’ is a dating reality show that gathers various broken up couples together, without revealing who are ex-lovers. Throughout the show, the participants are given a chance to fall in love with a new person or return to their old lover. Girl’s Day member Yura, rapper Simon D, GOT7’s BamBam, comedian Lee Yong Jin, and actress Kim Ye Won are the MC members who comment throughout the show for the current season.

1. “I wonder why they broke up.” – BamBam

The netizen first included screenshots of the show participants getting emotional as they took the time to read descriptions of themselves, which had been written by their ex-lovers. Upon seeing a male participant on the show tear up, the MC members Yura and Simon D became completed immersed into the moment. Yura even commented, “Wow, he totally has remaining feelings for her.” However, amidst a room full of emotions, BamBam suddenly blurted out, “When you listen to it, they’re all such kind words [toward each other], so I wonder why they broke up.”

2. “It’s better to just leave your first love [memory] as it is.” – BamBam

In another moment, a romantic love story about one couple was being told, where the lovers were described as lovers who were also each other’s best friends. Simon D was seen tearing up while watching the scene, and actress Kim Ye Won was deeply concentrated on the couple’s story, commenting, “It feels like a first love, the kind of first love that is done properly”. The MC members were so focused on the couple’s story that they even reminisced about their own first love memories. However, BamBam, with his big, round eyes, suddenly stated, “Ah, but they say it’s better to just leave your first love [memory] as it is.”