Taiwan’s hotel subsidy program saw applications for 100,000 rooms in 3 days

The government-funded hotel subsidy program saw nearly 100,000 applications for rooms in just three days, with the Tourism Bureau saying that it will see how much money remains available as the program continues.

Tourism Bureau Deputy Director-General Chou Ting-chang (周廷彰) told media on Wednesday (July 20) the hotel subsidy program, which offers individual tourists a subsidy of NT$800-1,300 per room per night on weekdays (Sunday-Thursday), started Sunday (July 17)

The subsidies had been applied for on a total of nearly 100,000 hotel rooms in just three days from Sunday to Tuesday, Chou said, adding that so far 9,485 accommodation facilities have participated in the program.

With regard to the 70% discount on amusement park admission given to weekday visitors, Chou said the program has benefited a total of 92,229 visitors, with a budget implementation rate of 5.75%.

As for whether the budget for the hotel subsidy program and other related programs will be increased or not, Chou said that there are no such plans at present