Underwater humanoid robot reaches new depths


Scientists in America have created a robot that they say can dive up to one kilometre (0.6 miles) underwater!

The robot, called OceanOneK, has a human-like top half of its body including arms which can move like a human.

It also has a head with two eyes – with a separate camera located in each eye!

These special features allows anyone operating the robot to feel as if they too, are exploring sunken ships and other deep-water destinations.

What have scientists done?

Researchers at Stanford University in America had previously built an underwater robot called OceanOne which could dive 200 metres underwater.

In order for OceanOneK to be able to dive deeper experts needed to make some adjustments.

They adapted its body with special foam that means it can float but also withstand the huge pressure that’s experienced at a depth of 1km – over 100 times more than at sea level.

The new robot also has a touch-based feedback system which means that scientists can experience the same sight and touch sensations as the robot does when its underwater!

Eight multi-directional thrusters allow the robot to carefully manoeuvre underwater.

The robot recently visited a sunken steamship in the Mediterranean sea and experts were shocked by how realistic it felt.

Professor Oussama Khatib, director of the Stanford Robotics Lab said: “You are moving very close to this amazing structure and something incredible happens when you touch it: You actually feel it.”

“This is the first time that a robot has been capable of going to such a depth, interacting with the environment, and permitting the human operator to feel that environment,” Professor Khatib added.

“It has been an incredible journey.”