NESCAFÉ GOLD CREMA celebrates premium coffee phenomenon


NESCAFÉ GOLD CREMA, the finest golden coffee powder and number one premium soluble coffee from Nestlé (Thai) Ltd., created its phenomenal first-ever finest moment by officially introducing world-class performer Jackson Wang as the brand ambassador for NESCAFÉ GOLD CREMA, the finest world-class quality coffee. Thousands of delighted fans and coffee lovers joined the event at River Park Icon Siam, which was held under the theme “The Finest Moment with Jackson Wang,” where they had the superior experience of the finest-quality golden fine soluble powder coffee.

Victor Seah, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Nestlé Indochina said, “We were very excited to welcome everybody to the finest night with NESCAFÉ GOLD CREMA, including special guests, lucky winners, partners, friends, and of course Jackson Wang fans. We’re overwhelmed with your love and support. For the first time in history, we are proud that NESCAFÉ GOLD CREMA, the number one premium soluble coffee in Thailand, is collaborating with a world-class artist, the finest man and a true superstar, Jackson Wang. This is really an important occasion for NESCAFÉ as we embark on a memorable journey bringing the Finest Coffee to all Thai coffee lovers. Crafted by our coffee experts to deliver our signature taste with a unique coffee aroma and a velvety layer of crema, and in collaboration with Jackson Wang, we guarantee that your coffee experience with NESCAFÉ Gold Crema will never be the same. We are really honoured and excited to welcome Jackson Wang to the NESCAFÉ Thailand family and to this finest night.”