Snapchat Family Center lets parents see their teens’ friends list


Snapchat has announced another new safety feature to help parents more easily keep track of who their kids are interacting with on its platform – Family Center.

The new interface lets you see who is on your teenager’s friend list at any time, and also offers the chance to review who they’ve chatted to in the last week.

The messages going back and forth won’t be visible, though, so it’s not a total window into everything your kid is saying, but it’s still likely to be a welcome addition for many.

Snap says it’s designed this in acknowledgement that it’s hard to control what your children say in real life, so being able to see every word virtually might not have felt proportionate to most.

However, if you think that an account your teenager has broken Snapchat’s rules you’ll be able to report it directly from Family Center – since this can sometimes be clear just from the account names, for example.

The feature is available for those under the age of 18 on the platform, but even then Snapchat will simply invite them to their parents’ Family Center when desired, giving the teen a chance to say no if they have that latitude.

Snap’s been adding more and more parental control options to its app over the course of the last year or so, such as locking down how easy it is to add teenage accounts, and there are more on the way, including filters to let parents see who their teens most recently added as friends.