BLACKPINK’s Jennie & Jisoo are sly and unpredictable in new ‘Pink Venom’ concept teasers


On August 13th, YG Entertainment released 4 individual teaser videos of BLACKPINK’s 2nd regular album “Pink Venom” on their official SNS.

Contrary to their 1st teaser, where BLACKPINK showed off their alluring beauty in pink-toned outfit while standing in a broken class case, in the newly-published ones, the 4 members radiated a completely different dark charisma.

In particular, Rosé exuded a chic aura with her intense eyes, while Lisa aroused admiration from viewers with her unique sensual poses and expressions. Meanwhile, Jisoo left a lingering impression with her drowsy and bold figure, and Jennie overwhelms the audience’s eyes with her dreamy charm.

In addition, the set of fangs and sticky flowing sensations intuitively remind viewers of the word “Venom”, raising curiosity about the music video, which will be dropped within August. Even though this is a teaser video, the background music sounds like that of a movie soundtrack, adding tension and raising the heart rate of fans.

“Pink Venom” is BLACKPINK’s pre-release single which will be dropped on August 19th, ahead of the group’s highly anticipated album “Born Pink”. YG Entertainment describes the song as one that “expresses BLACKPINK’s unique charm in a deeper and more intense way”.

Starting with “Pink Venom”, BLACKPINK is expected to heat up the global music market, as their 2nd full-length album “Born Pink” will hit the digital and physical shelves on September 16th.